Today at City on A Hill

Important Announcements:

In-Person Worship Service

The church has reopened for in-person worship services as of June 28.  See below for important guidelines to have a safe and meaningful worship. To attend the service, registration is mandatory. Sign up here.

ONLINE GIVING for offering is now live. Click here for instructions.

NOTE: Children’s/Youth’s Ministry events and worship services and other church gatherings will continue to be online.

Live Stream Worship Service

Sunday Worship will be live-streamed on YouTube at 1:55pm on Sundays.  St. James Town members have a live service at 11am on Zoom.

Click here for the ESE Young Nak Children’s Service (Pre-K).

Click here for the ESE Young Nak Children’s Service (Grades 1-6).

Click here for the Hi-C Service.

Suggestions for on-line worship:

  1. Set up a place in your home where the entire family can gather to worship together with good audio. If you are able to connect to a smart TV, then that might be the best option. Please try not to allow each family member to watch individually on their own devices. Clean up the area and remove any distractions.
  2. Get dressed as you normally would for Church. Don’t worship in your pajamas in reverence to God.
  3. Though the format will seem a bit awkward, try your best to participate as if you were in our chapel. Pray when we pray, sing when we sing, have your Bibles at hand, listen attentively, etc.

Other announcements for this time:

  1. Past services & Pastor Peter’s weekly emails will be posted at
  2. You may still schedule a visit with your pastors during this time; pastoral visits will continue over the phone and video chat. Your pastors will also be reaching out to you.
  3. If you know of anyone in our church community who needs special attention or care during this time, please reach out to them yourselves and inform your pastors and/or elders.
  4. All other church gatherings will continue to be online.
  5. Pray for the following:
    • Pray for the eradication of this virus.
    • Pray for the health and recovery of those affected.
    • Pray that God would use this time to draw people to himself.
    • Pray that God’s people would be bright lights among the people we interact with and lead them toward Jesus.
    • Pray for our church community, that this season would strengthen, not weaken our faith in God.
    • Pray that families will become closer and stronger as we are given this time to spend together.
    • Pray that we would care for and love one another in these uncertain times.

Up Coming ESE Events:

  • The ESE will be hosting special online events.  Both the Junior Dept. (Tues., Aug. 11) & Primary Dept. (Sun., Aug. 23) will be from 7-8:30pm. Email Pastor Edgar for the zoom link AND to indicate how many children will be joining each event .
  • Parent Helper Sign Up We are looking for parents to help during the 2pm (CoaH) Children’s service (2:30-3pm) in the Hesed Chapel (3rd floor Primary/Junior Chapel). This would include escorting children to the washroom/water fountain, maintaining order during service, helping children find Bible passages, etc. If interested go to the link below and fill in your available date and make note of the date for yourself.
  • ESE Registration is becoming “paperless”. Parents with children attending ESE Sunday School (gr. 1-6) are asked to register on line click here.
  • Primary Dept. (Gr.1-3) & AWANA call for teachers: Non-Hi-C volunteers must be a signed CoaH member and have taken or are in the process of taking D1. Email Pastors Joseph ( or Edgar ( )
  • Hi-C is looking for volunteers (Teachers & Meeting House Leaders).  Those interested in serving as Bible teachers must have taken D1. Email Pastor Ron (

Christianity Explored

is a 7-week study that helps people to meet Jesus in the pages of the Bible. The meetings will be online due to COVID and will start in September. If you want to know more about Jesus or if you know someone who may be interested in      learning about what Christianity is all about or if you have any questions, contact Pastor Woohyun at

Evangelism Workshop

(Wed., Aug. 26; 7:30pm) We want to discuss how we can share the Gospel with our family and friends during the COVID pandemic. If you’re interested, sign up by contacting Pastor Woohyun at

First Time Mom’s Fellowship

meets every other Thurs (11:30am-2pm).  For more info contact Pastor Jane.