St. James Town Campus

Welcome to St. James Town (SJT), the most densely populated and one of the most ethnically diverse communities not only in Toronto, but all of Canada. SJT welcomes new immigrants almost daily to our great city, as it is strategically located just minutes from downtown Toronto. This diversity brings with it people from many countries and faith backgrounds. City on a Hill SJT Campus exists to serve and lead peoples near and far to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

St. James Town Campus: Vision & Purpose

Our St. James Town Campus is currently closed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us for worship online every Sunday at 2pm. For previous services, transcripts and resources, click here.

Campus Pastor:

Pastor Genaro Tondo

Pastor Tondo has been with City on a Hill since 2009.
Since September, 2009 he, his wife, Levi & four children, Sarah Joy, Praise Giver, Brilliant Jedidiah & Lovely Shalom have lived in St. James Town.

His conviction is that only the Gospel of Jesus can fully and freely define the meaning, purpose and direction of life. His goal is to find and pursue ways to share Jesus with people of all ages so that they too would experience His daily love, peace, joy and hope.