Today at City on A Hill

RightNow Media (RNM) Subscription:

On Jan 3, RightNow Media will send an invite to every CoaH member for a free RNM subscription.  RNM is the largest library of video-driven Bible study resource.  There are thousands of Christian videos on family, children, theology, evangelism, singleness, etc. from many great teachers, pastors, authors and theologians. We hope this resource will continue to inspire your faith and life in Christ.  If you do not receive the invite please check your junk mailbox, you may register here.  If you have questions, contact Pastor Jane.

Join the 2021 CoaH Challenge:

  • Click here to register  and here for video instructions (at 7:07 “How to” video begins). Join with the rest of the church family as we Grow in Grace in the new year.
  • If you are having any issues with getting set up, please refer to the troubleshooting section of the attached USER GUIDE below:
  • CoaH Challenge #53 and the book of the year, Habits of Grace by David Mathis is available in digital form here or you may purchase your own copy.
  • Challenges #17, 18 and 19 are memorization challenges. For your convenience, the items to be memorized are compiled into one document.

Discipleship 1 & 2 classes

You will be embarking on an exciting life of adventure with Jesus.  You will know that there is no life like a Christ-centred life.  D1 focuses on how to live a Christ-centered life, learning the basics or foundations for spiritual growth.  D2 looks at how to apply our faith to life and to utilize our spiritual gifts to serve and grow in the church community.  Our Discipleship groups are for signed CoaH members only.  Winter session classes will be held online. Click here to register. Registration ends Jan. 17.

2021 Life Group Registration:

Small group community is essential to our faith journey and much more so as we are living in a pandemic. Our small group community is called life group.  We want to see every member join a life group so that they are participating in and growing in the four LG core values of worship, nurture, fellowship and outreach.  To Join a LG in 2021, click here. If you were a part of a LG in 2020, you will need to  re-register. We will launch LGs on the 2nd weekend of February. For more info, email