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How is your Bible reading this year?

To motivate you to keep going, a gift voucher from CoaH’s bookstore will be awarded to all who finish the CoaH’s 2018 Bible reading plan: “Read Scripture” by year’s end, which completes the entire Bible and the Psalms twice. Download the app (


Christianity Explored

is a 7-week program that investigates Christianity over dinner. Consider the big questions of life and the person of Jesus Christ. Begins Fri., Oct. 26 at 6:30pm. Volunteers to cook dinners are needed as well.  For more info, email


The Elder Election

There will be an elder election this Sunday, October 7, as well as on October 14 and 21.

Only registered members will be permitted to vote.

Round 1 will occur on Sunday, October 7, 3:15pm, where you will vote for two (2) elders from the list of eligible candidates (SEE ATTACHED, also included is an ELDER QUALIFICATIONS DOC).  Please come prepared with the names of your two candidates.

Round 2 will occur on Sunday, October 14, 3:15pm. Four (4) candidates will appear on the ballot.  These four candidates will be from those who received the most votes in round 1, and who have agreed to let their names stand on the ballot.  You will vote for two (2) of the four (4) candidates.  We will do our best to send you a profile of the four candidates several days before this round of voting.

Round 3 will occur on Sunday, October 21, where the entire church, both KM and CoaH, will vote after each of their services.  Only the top two (2) candidates from round 2 will appear on the ballot for a ‘yes/no’ vote.

A 2/3 ‘yes’ vote is required to be elected as an elder.

Music ministry (MM Team)

is looking for talented and committed members who will serve by using their gifts to worship our God and bless our community.  Anyone wishing to join the MM Team must be a signed CoaH member. Email Pastor Tim at if you are        interested.


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