New to Christianity

Are you new to church or Christianity? We’ve found that it takes a few months to start understanding what the Christian faith is all about.  City on a Hill is a place where you can begin or continue your journey, regardless of where you are at.  The Christian faith is all about Jesus Christ. There are different ways for you to begin your discovery of the most amazing person who has ever lived, a person who claimed to be both fully God and man.

1. Come with an open mind to hear messages that address life and faith.

2. Start reading the Bible. If you need a free copy, ask one of our ushers.  Or read a book about Christianity such as Mere Christianity or Basic Christianity which you can purchase from our bookstore (main chapel foyer).

3. Ask questions in a safe and friendly environment such as the investigative study called Christianity Explored.  Contact the office to register.

4. Continue to engage in dialogue with the Christian friend who invited you to church.

5. Contact one of our pastors.

6. Visit one of the following websites to get more information.