Toronto City Mission


Toronto City Mission (TCM) exists to share the love of God and to break the cycles of poverty in Toronto. The programs at TCM embrace, enrich and empower at risk families. Community missionaries live and work within several neighborhoods so that they can fully understand the need and build effective relationships. Low-cost or no-fee programs run by TCM provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to families. This support empowers them to believe that their lives can change for the better. TCM works towards building a healthier community where every person can prosper and grow, learning to contribute to their community and break the cycles of poverty through the power of the Gospel.

S T.  J A M E S  T OW N

St. James Town is one of many Toronto neighbourhoods where TCM is active, and represents the highest density of people in all of Canada (20,000+) living in one area (18 high rise apartment buildings, with almost 7000 units in an area of 32.1 acres). An estimated 43% of families in this area live below the poverty line and 31% of St. James Town families are single-parent families. The majority of residents are new immigrants to Canada trying to make things work. However, as is often the case with low-income, low-wage families, the lack of opportunities often continue the cycles of poverty from generation to generation.

T C M  SU M M E R  I N T E R N S H I P

Do you want to explore God’s will for your life in the midst of a fun and intense summer of fun and service? Do you desire to know and share God’s love by working with inner-city kids and their families? If you are a full time student returning to full time post-secondary education in September 2020 (between 18-30 years of age), and would like to combine a summer job with ministry, then Toronto City Mission has the experience for you! For further info contact Elliott Shin at 

or visit


TCM has been our ministry partner for over a decade. One of the ways we love our city is by sending teams to help with their Sonshine Day Camp.