Mid-Term Missions

Living Fountain

What is “mid-term”?

Mid-term missions is an opportunity for volunteers to serve at Living Fountain [LF] for an extended period of time (anywhere between 3 months – 1 year+) without being part of a team. Your role at LF will be to serve by connecting your God-given gifts with the various needs at LF.


Why go on mid-term missions?

“Global missions is your training field.”

This is the first thing you will hear when you land in Cambodia. We want volunteers to truly learn what it means to be missional by going on mission trips so that we can be missions-minded wherever we go. By being on the mission field for a longer period of time, it truly opens up the window to learn more about the nature of missions, the unique challenges of LF and Cambodia, and connect with missionaries abroad. These experiences reveal more of God’s character, deepens your personal walk with Him, and challenges you to be more missional when you return home. You may be over there to teach, but it is more likely you will come back having learned much more.


How do I apply?

Start praying about your decision and look over the details of the application package. Ask God to open the doors, grow a heart for the country of Cambodia, and get connected. Talk to former volunteers and previous short-term teams. Listen to their stories and experiences; ask them to pray for you. We are so blessed to able to send teams and volunteers to partake in the various ministries at LF. Be a vessel of Christ’s love to the Kingdom of Cambodia this year!

For more information, please contact Pastor Timothy at tsong@coahtoronto.com