Discipleship 1, 2 and 3

The focus for Discipleship 1: Christ-Centered Lifestyle is to teach participants how to live a Christ-centered life, providing instructions in the basics, or foundations for spiritual growth. Participants must be a signed member of City on a Hill.

Note: Discipleship 1 is a prerequisite to serve at City on a Hill.

The focus for Discipleship 2: Faith in Action is to help participants apply their faith and utilize their spiritual gifts to serve and grow within the church community. Participants must successfully complete Discipleship 1 before registering.

The focus for Discipleship 3: Making Disciples is to help the disciple become a discipler, equipping him/her to help others along the discipleship journey here or abroad. Participants must successfully complete Discipleship 2 before registering.

Discipleship classes are offered in spring, fall and winter. Registration opens a month before classes commence. If you are interested in participating, leading, or would like more information, please contact Deacon Henry Park at discipleship@coahtoronto.com

Discipleship 1 & 2 classes will begin in the fall. Classes will be held online. Click here to register. Registration ends Sept. 6.