Fellowship Groups

Our Fellowship Groups are divided by age and life stage as per below:


Poiema is the name of our ministry for young students attending college or university. They meet every Friday at church for Bible study. If you would like to be added to their mailing list, please email poiema212@gmail.com.


Emerge is the name of our ministry for 23+ age group who are single or married (without children). If you have any questions please contact the emerge team at emerge@coahtoronto.com

Life Groups

Life Groups include both members of Emerge and adults with families. Groups are divided by district/location and each group will hold meetings rotating from each member’s home. LG meetings involve bible study, discussion and prayer. Meetings are held on the second and fourth weekend of every month, from the end of February to the end of November. Exact dates will be determined by group.

The goals of a Life Group:

  1. To build a loving community for people to grow more like Christ by/through
    • Exploring God’s Word
    • Worshipping and praying together
    • Developing meaningful relationships rooted in Christ
    • Serving and reaching out to others
  2. A place where you can invite non-believers.
  3. To commit and make every effort to attend all meetings for the sake of the group.
  4. Will try to connect new visitors to City on a Hill.

To register:

Fill out the form below or email lifegroups@coahtoronto.com.  Registrations close at the end of August.