EMERGE is a ministry that exists for those who are between the  ages of 23 and 34.

This community is made up of individuals from different backgrounds, relational status (singles, dating couples, and married), and interests! However, within this diversity, EMERGE exists to bring unity in Christ – to provide a place where they can connect and grow together in their faith.

We believe in these four values as absolute essentials:

  • Worship
  • Nurture
  • Fellowship
  • Mission

The purpose of our ministry is to Equip, Engage, and Empower with the Word of God so that we may live a Christ-centered life in the home, school, workplace, church, and city.

Here’s how you can get connected to our Emerge community:

LIFE GROUPS: Our desire is for everyone to experience a loving community where they are accepted, connected, and loved and where they can mature personally, relationally, and spiritually (2nd & 4th weekend/month).  Click here to register.

BE FILLED: This is our house fellowship ministry. We will come together to eat, hear the Word, spend some time in prayer, and play! Our desire is that we will be filled physically, relationally, and spiritually (bi-monthly).

B&B NIGHT: This is our Bible study ministry. We will eat together and study the Word together. We are currently studying the book of Psalms (seasonal).

BOOK STUDY: We will be reading books on theology, holiness, spiritual discipline (ex. prayer), relationship, money, productivity, work, evangelism, and more (seasonal).

CONFERENCES/RETREATS: We aim to attend at least one conference a year together to continue to grow. In addition, we will be having a worship, prayer, and testimony retreat in the summer of 2016. Stay tuned for more information (seasonal).

CORNERSTONE: This is our mercy ministry. We will go downtown to feed the poor and share the Gospel to them. As we have been blessed with much, we want to bless others within the city (bi-monthly).

VISITATION: If you would like to meet with Pastor Woohyun, please email wjung@coahtoronto.com.