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Jessie Min

For the third consecutive summer, I traveled with City on a Hill’s STM team to Bihar, India.  In the past few years of serving through this ministry, I have experienced God in many new ways and have experienced a great measure of transformation in my life.  This summer’s trip, in particular, was extra special for me as I had the opportunity to extend my stay to six weeks, strengthening relationships with the children and people that I had met in previous years.

 For those who are unfamiliar with this area, the state of Bihar was once referred to as the graveyard of missions.  Due to extreme poverty in the land and its harsh conditions, even local Indians from different states do not want to enter Bihar.  Gratefully, the state has lost that title as many missionaries have responded to their calling to serve.  Although there is still much work to be done, as only 2% of the entire population of 1.25+ billion identify as Christian, it’s comforting to know that God has not abandoned Bihar and its people that men themselves have abandoned. Continue reading