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Megan Yim

This summer, I had the privilege of going to Cambodia on short term missions. Although I’d been on a few missions trips in Hi-C, this was my first trip with the CoaH adults, as well as my first time travelling outside of North America. I was excited to go on this trip because I saw it as an opportunity to be challenged and to grow in my walk with Christ.

For the majority of the trip we stayed at Living Fountain (LF) with the kids and staff, including our missionary, Anne Chun. It was awesome getting to know Anne and seeing how God is using her in Cambodia. Her love for her kids is a clear and abundant overflow of Christ’s love for her. I wholeheartedly believe that God could not have called a more capable person to lead and love everyone at LF.

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Joy Fountain Foundation NGO

is looking for a website designer to create their own website ASAP.  Please speak to Pastor Tim for more info.


Chris Roh

Because this was my first time in India, I was very nervous, but was excited to see what God had in store for our team. When we got to India, our team partnered up with India missions for the first week with Pastor Abi and with TIM center for the second week with Pastor Joy and Pastor Biju.

 In our first week with India missions, we went to Moti Hari and it was the hardest VBS I have ever done. It was so hot and I have never sweated that long and that much in my life. However, in the toughest moments, God was revealing himself to me. He showed just how hungry these kids were for God’s words and how He was using our team to satisfy their hunger as we taught them the seven “I am” statements in the gospel of John.

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Esther Choi

Why did I go?  Why Cambodia?

Simply put, it was a step of obedience and a fulfillment of a promise I made to God in the fall of 2010.

To be completely honest, I really didn’t want to go to Cambodia. In fact, I was so upset and angry and told God that I hated Him after I heard Him say, “Go to Cambodia.”  After duking it out with God, I found myself repenting, submitting and agreeing to go.  Going to Cambodia was a huge step of faith as I was in a season of unemployment.  Although I had the financial means to go, God spoke and told me not to worry about money.  Also, a month before the trip, God just kept telling me, “I am going to exceed all of your expectations.”

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