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Carmen L

As my first time going to KG, there was the initial struggle of pride and impatience. Discouraged, I often felt like I lacked the most experience in our team and felt the need to accommodate for that difference.  Constantly, I had to pray and ask God to give me more humility and patience and He would always prove faithful. He reminded me that what mattered was our serving hearts and the unity we had as a team, bonded by our common love for Christ. So, I became excited to learn from my teammates Pastor Jane and Hakyung, excited to be challenged, and excited to discover what God had in store, which, largely, was meeting the people there — particularly the students and translators.

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Hakyung K

This was my seventh trip to KG, including my two year stay in that country.  What was my expectation for this particular trip?  It was to see hope.

 In recent years, a lot of negative news came out of KG — how churches were stagnant or closing down, leaders were falling or leaving the country, disunity and conflict among believers, and missionaries forced to leave the country — all discouraging and disheartening.  So, I asked God to show me hope in KG, that He had not forgotten or have forsaken them and that He was continuing to work out His will there.  And, of course, you should know God answers prayers and that He did answer my prayer.  Indeed, I saw hope.

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