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STM 2017: David

Through my novice missions experience in KG, I learned the priceless lesson of how God works through our obedience to his calling for missions.  I learned that my reason for obedience should not be because I am talented or gifted enough to fulfil God’s commands, but because He is the only one who is able. I always knew this, but this truth became a reality in KG. I wrestled with God based on what I could do, and what I expected to happen in KG.  Hence, KG was a great challenge to me. I went there with the thought that I would do well, expecting great things, but I was more incompetent on the field, and I became discouraged to the point that I believed I was more of a baggage to my team rather than a blessing. I was expecting seventeen-year-old teenagers to come and learn English and play basketball on our first week. We got even younger children instead. The children were great, but I feared that they were not physically able enough to play basketball and intentionally learn English.

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