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STM 2018: Sharon

I went on the short-term mission trip to KG this summer. The first time I seriously considered going on missions was during Cross Conference. During that time, I learned more about missions and how significant it is. I felt deeply convicted and knew that God was calling me to missions.

I kept that desire in my heart and did everything that I needed to do for missions; I took membership classes and got baptized, and I took the Discipleship course. While taking Discipleship, my leader asked me why I was taking the course. I said it was because I wanted to know more about sharing the Gospel with others and that I wanted to go on missions, specifically, to KG. She said, “Oh wow! Our family is going on missions to KG for a year.” My discipleship leader was “A**” and she really encouraged all of us about the hope the Gospel brings to people and how it makes such a difference to evangelize to the people who’ve never heard the Gospel.

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