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Concert of Prayer

(Oct. 19; 7:30pm in the Agape Chapel) Come for an evening of passionate prayer and to hear Anne Chun share of what God is doing in  Cambodia.


Toronto STM 2018: Deacon Gill Lee

Every year we serve summer camps run by Toronto City Mission.  Every year, we play with the kids, lovingly build relationships with them in Jesus’ name and introduce them to our church, but this year there were a few unique ways in which the mission experience was a little different:

You may not know this, but this was the first year, our team was sent from the SJT campus, paid for by the SJT budget, and trained here in SJT.  It really speaks to the maturity of our church that we can send our own team.  Praise God.

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STM 2017: David

Through my novice missions experience in KG, I learned the priceless lesson of how God works through our obedience to his calling for missions.  I learned that my reason for obedience should not be because I am talented or gifted enough to fulfil God’s commands, but because He is the only one who is able. I always knew this, but this truth became a reality in KG. I wrestled with God based on what I could do, and what I expected to happen in KG.  Hence, KG was a great challenge to me. I went there with the thought that I would do well, expecting great things, but I was more incompetent on the field, and I became discouraged to the point that I believed I was more of a baggage to my team rather than a blessing. I was expecting seventeen-year-old teenagers to come and learn English and play basketball on our first week. We got even younger children instead. The children were great, but I feared that they were not physically able enough to play basketball and intentionally learn English.

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India STM 2018: Josiah Yi

This year I went on the short term mission (STM) trip to Bihar, India. This was my first time going on an overseas mission trip; God had been challenging me and preparing me to go for years. For years, I stubbornly ran from this invitation from God, but I am thankful that God was gracious as he worked in me and prepared me to go through my prideful disobedience. I’m incredibly glad and thankful that God allowed me to know him in such a way that gave me the faith to put my trust in him and his promises.

God continued to draw very close to me and the rest of the team during our time in India. He was always speaking and always reminding us of his presence. We were given many different opportunities to share the Gospel to several different communities. We did VBS with villages, two schools, and even a Catholic community, but most of our time was spent with the TIM Centre children and staff with whom are church is partnered. For me, personally, this was the ministry in which I got to experience and know God the most.

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Cambodia (Teacher Training) STM 2017: Marty Lee

What does missions look like?  This is the question that was challenged and refined during our trip to Cambodia.

My wife and I both went to Cambodia for two and a half weeks to focus on teacher training. We were able to share strategies on classroom management, special education, assessment, provide resources, and build relations with the teachers at Living Fountain Orphanage, Glad Tidings Private School, and a local public school.

At the orphanage, we spent time with the kids by sharing meals together, playing games, singing songs, and attending services. We also spent time with the mothers working at Living Fountain to listen to their stories, encourage them, pray together, and share a smile.

We were fortunate to meet people who we have been praying for for many, many years — people like Pastor Edu, Pastor Jojo, Rev. Song’s 2 disciples. It’s an incredible feeling putting faces to names we’ve prayed for through faith knowing that God listens.

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