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Toronto STM 2018: Deacon Gill Lee

Every year we serve summer camps run by Toronto City Mission.  Every year, we play with the kids, lovingly build relationships with them in Jesus’ name and introduce them to our church, but this year there were a few unique ways in which the mission experience was a little different:

You may not know this, but this was the first year, our team was sent from the SJT campus, paid for by the SJT budget, and trained here in SJT.  It really speaks to the maturity of our church that we can send our own team.  Praise God.

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STM 2018: Sharon

I went on the short-term mission trip to KG this summer. The first time I seriously considered going on missions was during Cross Conference. During that time, I learned more about missions and how significant it is. I felt deeply convicted and knew that God was calling me to missions.

I kept that desire in my heart and did everything that I needed to do for missions; I took membership classes and got baptized, and I took the Discipleship course. While taking Discipleship, my leader asked me why I was taking the course. I said it was because I wanted to know more about sharing the Gospel with others and that I wanted to go on missions, specifically, to KG. She said, “Oh wow! Our family is going on missions to KG for a year.” My discipleship leader was “A**” and she really encouraged all of us about the hope the Gospel brings to people and how it makes such a difference to evangelize to the people who’ve never heard the Gospel.

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India STM 2018: Josiah Yi

This year I went on the short term mission (STM) trip to Bihar, India. This was my first time going on an overseas mission trip; God had been challenging me and preparing me to go for years. For years, I stubbornly ran from this invitation from God, but I am thankful that God was gracious as he worked in me and prepared me to go through my prideful disobedience. I’m incredibly glad and thankful that God allowed me to know him in such a way that gave me the faith to put my trust in him and his promises.

God continued to draw very close to me and the rest of the team during our time in India. He was always speaking and always reminding us of his presence. We were given many different opportunities to share the Gospel to several different communities. We did VBS with villages, two schools, and even a Catholic community, but most of our time was spent with the TIM Centre children and staff with whom are church is partnered. For me, personally, this was the ministry in which I got to experience and know God the most.

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Cambodia STM 2018: Richard Lee

CoaH’s main purpose in sending a team to Cambodia was to support Anne and to run Kid’s Camp for the children at Living Fountain, which is basically a retreat for the children. Our assumption was that we would be sharing the Gospel with the children, which was true, but it was much more than that. Through years of discipleship by Anne, Rev. Choi and the Living Fountain staff, they have created disciples. These disciples served as student leaders; they are children ranging from 15-18 years old. These students’ hearts burn for the Gospel. They are older brothers and sisters to the younger children at Living Fountain, they are leaders to the children in the village ministries, and they are partners in ministry.

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Joy Fountain Foundation NGO

is looking for a website designer to create their own website ASAP.  Please speak to Pastor Tim for more info.