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Jin-In Park (Baptism)

My name is Jin-In park. I grew up in the church and I have attended Young Nak since I was a young child. I was raised in a Christian household. All the values that I learned from my parents were from a Christian background. My life was very blessed. I was blessed with much more then I needed. I attended church every Sunday and I never really questioned my parents, why we go to church, and I never was opposed to it.

In the early stages of my life I went to Bible studies, I did quiet times (QTs), I finished a Bible plan with my family and I went to every church retreat. I even went on several mission trips with my parents. I sat in on sermons and I listened to the pastor with attentiveness. These are all activities and actions in which I participated and which I never gave any thought; I just naturally assumed that I was a Christian. However, I don’t think my faith was genuine in the early days of my life.

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Up Coming ESE Events:

  • ESE Hallelujah Night (Oct. 31) will be cancelled this year due to the rise of COVID cases.
  • AWANA will resume on Wednesday September 30th at 7:30pm Online on ZOOM.  We are not yet able to run AWANA in person as it is designated a children’s program.

For registration, please email Pastor Edgar to let him know that your child(ren) is/are joining and what grade they are in. If you need a book ($5/book) please indicate that as well. Books will be mailed to you before AWANA starts (This will require your current address), or you can pick it up from church on Saturdays between 9am-12pm or on Sundays from the office between 9am-2pm (from the main secretary). Please indicate which option you prefer for getting the book(s).

We will be digitally recording shares and awards until we are able to meet in person.

Below is the information of what books we will be using this year and the general schedule of each AWANA session. Zoom information will be sent at the time of registration.

  • Delta Young Nak (Hi-C) is looking for ministry volunteers to help shepherd and build up the next generation of believers.  If you have some knowledge in sound / video production, graphic design, social media management, music ministry, and discipleship/mentoring, contact Pastor Ron.
  • Parent Helper Sign Up We are looking for parents to help during the 2pm (CoaH) Children’s service (2:30-3pm) in the Hesed Chapel (3rd floor Primary/Junior Chapel). This would include escorting children to the washroom/water fountain, maintaining order during service, helping children find Bible passages, etc. If interested go to the link below and fill in your available date and make note of the date for yourself.
  • ESE Registration is becoming “paperless”. Parents with children attending ESE Sunday School (gr. 1-6) are asked to register on line click here.
  • Primary Dept. (Gr.1-3) & AWANA call for teachers: Non-Hi-C volunteers must be a signed CoaH member and have taken or are in the process of taking D1. Email Pastor  Edgar ( )
  • Delta Young Nak (Hi-C) is looking for volunteers (Teachers & Meeting House Leaders).  Those interested in serving as Bible teachers must have taken D1. Email Pastor Ron (

Liana Li (Confirmation)

Before coming to Christ, I felt unanchored and adrift, always searching for some revelation, truth for my purpose here on earth. It was like being stranded in the middle of the ocean, desperately searching for land, but only relying on myself to get there. As a child, raised Catholic, I was brought up learning about all the facts of the beliefs, but there were always uncertainties, doubts and questions I wanted answered. Hence, I desperately tried to seek them out, but by only listened to my own desires and I only lived life the way I wanted to. I hadn’t fully accepted God and Jesus Christ into my life and many times rejected Him.

Until one day, I felt the conviction of my sins. Then, everything dawned on me and I felt a sense of relief and joy all at the same time. I realized that I had been rejecting God and Christ this whole time when I thought I had accepted them. It was after I had moved to teach in China, away from my family and friends. I was excited to begin a new journey of my life and to learn more about my historic and cultural roots, but then I started to feel homesick and a bit out of place in the first year. Then, during one of the educational workshops, there sparked a sudden change in my heart. I realized what I missed wasn’t just my family and friends, it was God. In the midst of feeling alone, I realized I had been struggling with my biggest sin of all, denying my relationship with Jesus Christ – God.

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Important Announcements:

In-Person Worship Service

The church has reopened for in-person worship services as of June 28.  See below for important guidelines to have a safe and meaningful worship. To attend the service, registration is mandatory. Sign up here.

ONLINE GIVING for offering is now live. Click here for instructions.

NOTE: Children’s/Youth’s Ministry events and worship services and other church gatherings will continue to be online.

Live Stream Worship Service

Sunday Worship will be live-streamed on YouTube at 1:55pm on Sundays.  St. James Town congregation have a live service at 11am on zoom. All are welcome. Please email Pastor Eugene Lee for the link.

Click here for the ESE Children’s Service (Pre-K).

Click here for the ESE Children’s Service (Grades 1-6).

Click here for the Delta YN (Hi-C) Service.

Other announcements for this time:

  1. Past services & Pastor Peter’s weekly emails will be posted at
  2. You may still schedule a visit with your pastors during this time; pastoral visits will continue over the phone and video chat. Your pastors will also be reaching out to you.
  3. If you know of anyone in our church community who needs special attention or care during this time, please reach out to them yourselves and inform your pastors and/or elders.
  4. All other church gatherings will continue to be online.