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30 Days of Prayer (November, 2019)

Click here to access the PDF version of the prayer guide for the month of November to pray for our non-Christian friends and family or pick up a paper copy from the Welcome Centre.

Hallelujah Night

(Oct. 31; 7pm-9pm) Children, gr.1-6 (Grace Chapel) and pre-k (Rm 201), are invited to come dressed up according to the rules outlined by the Children’s Ministry Dept.  Waiver forms have been distributed and can be submitted to each child’s children’s pastor.

Matthew Sun (Baptism)

Before coming to Christ, I used to be racist toward Caucasians. I was stressed because of school.  I was grumpy and miserable because of how many University assignments I had to do. Also, I get pretty anxious because I have lots of things going around in my head.  I used to be lazy and stubborn when it came to certain things I didn’t like.  I am funny when there are friends or people that I love who are around me.  I really love talking to kids, but only to certain kind of kids.  I also enjoy listening to music, watching anime or old cartoons, drawing, playing a bit of video games, and making stuff.

The reason why I became a Christian is because I came to this church when I was 4-5 years old.  My family and I were born into a Christian family, like my grandmother and grandfather (who has passed away) and my great-grandparents.  I used to be racist towards Caucasians since last year when I had a very busy and abnormal life.  There were white people who didn’t really care about me, and some of them liked to make fun of me by laughing at me, which made me feel pretty irritated.

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Benjamin Chew (Baptism)

Like a lot of people that were brought up in the church, my journey starts off being born into a Christian home, being raised as a Christian, going to a Christian elementary school and going to church with my family every Sunday. For the longest time Christianity was put to the side for me. I didn’t actually think about why I believed in Christ; I think I was just naively saying I did because that’s what my whole childhood taught me. I went to church on Sundays, not for God, but because my parents made me. It wasn’t until about 2 years ago, when my brother got baptized that I started searching. It was surreal because just a year or 2 earlier he wasn’t even a believer. My other brother asked me if I was going get baptized, and I said, “Nah. There’s no rush.” That night I had a pretty bad nightmare. When I woke up, I thought of it as just another scary dream, but the scary part was that it tied into real life. I always knew that I was a lukewarm Christian, but I always thought I had time and that eventually I would get my act together and obey God. However, after that dream I realized if I were to die at that moment, I didn’t think I would go to heaven.

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Save the Date: Men’s Purity Event

(Nov. 2; 8:30-11:30am; cafeteria) Sign up in the foyer on Sunday; Hi-C students are welcome!