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Important Notice:

Since March 14, the Session has decided to cancel ALL church gatherings.  This decision was made in light of the Ontario Health Minister mandating that gatherings of over 5 persons be suspended.  This is the right decision in following with Romans 13, which commands that Christians to submit to our God-ordained government authorities.  The Session waits for Government word indicating safety to worship together again and we will keep you updated when this suspension is lifted. The church building is officially closed. 

If you have traveled abroad, please self-quarantine for two weeks.

Sunday Worship will be streamed online via YouTube at 2pm on Sundays for the following weeks.  St. James Town members are encouraged to join the online service at 2pm. (Please note: This link will be available at 1:50pm on Sunday, April 5.)

Click here for the online service for Pre-K children

Click here for the online service for Primary and Junior children

Click here for the online service for the Hi-C students.


Book Study: Join us as we read LIFE TOGETHER by Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a church. An audio version is available at or you can order a paper copy online at any book retailer. Every Wednesday, chapter summary & questions will be posted here. Past questions will appear in the “LG” column at the online sermons page.

  1. Regarding Sunday worship here are some suggestions:
    1. Set up a place in your home where the entire family can gather to worship together with good audio. If you are able to connect to a smart TV, then that might be the best option. Please try not to allow each family member to watch individually on their own devices. Clean up the area and remove any distractions.
    2. Get dressed as you normally would for Church. Don’t worship in your pajamas in reverence to God.
    3. Though the format will seem a bit awkward, try your best to participate as if you were in our chapel. Pray when we pray, sing when we sing, have your Bibles at hand, listen attentively, etc.
    4. Regarding offering, for the time being please refrain from sending them to church.  The church finance team is currently looking into an online giving option.  We will let you know when that becomes available.
    5. Children and youth ministry departments should be contacting you about their plans.
  2. Past services & Pastor Peter’s weekly emails will be posted at
  3. You may still schedule a visit with your pastors during this time; pastoral visits will continue over the phone and video chat.  Your pastors will also be reaching out to you.
  4. Short-term summer missions will be on hold until further notice.  You may still register, but no deposit is necessary at this time. 
  5. If you know of anyone in our church community who needs special attention or care during this time, please reach out to them yourselves and inform your pastors and/or elders.

Pray during this time:

  • Pray for the eradication of this virus.
  • Pray for the health and recovery of those affected.
  • Pray that God would use this time to draw people to himself.
  • Pray that God’s people would be bright lights among the people we interact with and lead them toward Jesus.
  • Pray for our church community, that this season would strengthen, not weaken our faith in God.
  • Pray that families will become closer and stronger as we are given this time to spend together.
  • Pray that we would care for and love one another in these uncertain times.

Month of Prayer in February:

As a congregation, we will devote ourselves to pray for our life groups. Let’s pray for one another by praying for our life groups. Pick up a prayer guide at the Welcome Centre or use PDF version below:

2020 Life Group Registration:

If you were a part of a LG last year, you will need to re-register. Click here to fill out the form or sign up in the main foyer. Sunday, Jan. 26 will be the last Sunday to sign up in the main foyer. E-mail questions to

2020 New Year Prayer & January Concert of Prayer

We begin each year with two weeks of early prayer services. This year is on “God’s Great Promises.” What better way to start the year than by recalling the wonderful and powerful promises of God. Our time of prayer culminates with a  Concert of prayer on Jan. 17 (7:30pm; main sanctuary).

We will use the PDF below during the Concert of Prayer (January 17):

The PDF below was used as a guide during the 2 weeks of prayer: