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Cambodia STM 2018: Richard Lee

CoaH’s main purpose in sending a team to Cambodia was to support Anne and to run Kid’s Camp for the children at Living Fountain, which is basically a retreat for the children. Our assumption was that we would be sharing the Gospel with the children, which was true, but it was much more than that. Through years of discipleship by Anne, Rev. Choi and the Living Fountain staff, they have created disciples. These disciples served as student leaders; they are children ranging from 15-18 years old. These students’ hearts burn for the Gospel. They are older brothers and sisters to the younger children at Living Fountain, they are leaders to the children in the village ministries, and they are partners in ministry.

One story that I would like to share is their commitment to share the Gospel. Every Sunday, after their own service the student leaders divide into two teams and go into two villages to run a service for the village children. The leaders will go from house to house gathering children for the service. They play games or do different activities together; they will lead the village children in worship and share the Gospel with them. When you observe the leaders, you can see the joy in serving and sharing the Gospel through the relationships that they form with these children. This was a humbling experience as it made me question my own compassion to share the Gospel. Rather than trusting the Lord to work through me, I would question and make excuses not to share, but there were these student leaders who are younger sharing the Gospel with boldness.

It is exciting to see how God will use the potential of these student leaders and the rest of the children at Living Fountain. Cambodia is a very unique country due to its history.  About half the population is under 25 years of age because of the genocide. However, God is sovereign; He is using His people in Cambodia to shape and mold a new generation. As these student leaders begin to transition into university, they have a new opportunity to share the Gospel with their peers and others they will meet. The influence they will have will only increase more and more as they enter later transitions in life. Missions in Cambodia is changing; through God’s faithfulness to us, there is fruit from our labour where mission is no longer just doing VBS, but through education and the expansion of other ministries, Cambodians are coming together. Local pastors are able to meet and learn through a Pastor’s Resource Centre, students can pray for the unreached through a Dorm Ministry in Phnom Penh, and Marty and Sophie are furthering relationships with a local school using their profession. God is present in Cambodia and His people are burning for the Gospel.