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Cambodia STM 2017: Richard Lee

During our stay in Cambodia we spent most of our time with two different groups running VBS. The first group that we had the privilege of teaching for three days was with the Living Fountain Orphanage children and the second group was a new ministry that was just started this year: a VBS ministry run within a nearby village, this was also for three days. We were the first CoaH STM team to have run this village VBS. One of our leaders, Caroll, also had the opportunity of leading a Bible study with the mothers who take care of the children at Living Fountain. Through each ministry we could see the work of the Spirit guiding our Cambodian brothers and sisters closer to Christ.

When we began our village VBS, we had absolutely no idea what to expect — even the number of kids attending was unknown; the pastor had told us it could range from 50 all the way to 200. Being a worrier, deep down inside when I heard this, I was freaking out. I needed to know just what we were about to go into, but I didn’t. There were many things to be worried about, things like our crafts for the kids, games, and even general space for the kids. Everything started to swirl in my head as I began to worry more and more. When we arrived on the first day, we counted about 80 kids, the second day 120 kids, and the third day 200+. Each day we arrived, we saw more faces, which made me unbelievably excited but unbelievably nervous at the same time. But, regardless of the lack of space we played games with them and the kids loved it! We prepared more than enough crafts, and the messages we shared were listened to! It was a miracle, and this was the work of God.

This was just one of the many moments in seeing God work during our time there. The one moment that opened my heart and my eyes to the wonder of the Lord occurred when we heard something from one of the student leaders. One child out in the crowd of many had come to ask a personal question about one of the messages. Hearing this one instance of a child reaching out in curiosity was the moment where I knew that God was and is truly working in this world. Even though it was just one child who asked a question, it became hope for the future, it became love for the community, it became truth, it became the knowledge that Christ is living in that village. This is what I took back with me from Cambodia; that child’s curiosity in God is beautiful and because of that beauty it is the prerogative in my heart to reach out and to share this Gospel message so that the future of humanity would one day share the same banner of Jesus Christ.

For most part of this STM trip, I think I spent a lot of time leaning on my own understanding and on my own desires which made me nervous, but by the end it all changed, God showed that trusting in Him in all things will illustrate His true beauty and His ultimate purpose. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. If God has set some time for you to go, I implore you to simply listen and follow, He will lead you to something truly beautiful.