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Dylan Jimenez

When Gill asked me if I was interested in being part of the City on a Hill mission team to TCM, my mind immediately said, “Yes!” but my heart felt like a maybe. He mentioned that I couldn’t be half into it but that I had to fully commit. At the time, I had a busy schedule trying to balance work, family, chores, etc. So, I wasn’t too sure if I could fully be part of the team. I decided to pray about it for two weeks, especially for the availability to just serve. After the 1st week had passed, I was told that my time off was approved and immediately, I thanked God that I was able to have the time to serve. During the 2nd week, I did a devotional and the passage that stood out to me was Matthew 28:19:  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” When Jesus said that, I realized that missions was not an option, but it was definitely a command and when God commands us to do something we should obey because He is Our God.

When we, the Kingston Galloway and St. Jamestown mission teams met up every Sunday it was always a fun time and I love how we all had the willingness to serve for the same purpose — to glorify God through missions by serving the kids and showing them God’s love for us.  The children were very welcoming and it was very easy to make them laugh. These kids were easy to befriend and the best thing about kids was that they were fascinated by everything and ask a lot of questions. Since they loved to talk and I do, too, it was easy and great to strike up conversations. Although I knew many of these kids because I used to be a part of TCM programs, I continued to pray that God would remind me not to get too comfortable and push me out of my comfort zone.

 My favourite part of the week was leading worship because that used to be my favourite thing when I was a kid in the same program. Playing basketball with the kids and eating lunch with them was always very entertaining. Connection time was always easy because when they would talk, they talk about everything – they were so passionate about what they spoke about and they were such open books. With the groups I was with, I asked them who Jesus was to them and the majority of them said “My Saviour.” and when I asked why, they responded, “Because He died on the cross for me.” That made me so thankful for TCM and that I was raised in TCM.  TCM Sonshine Daycamp and Kids Club did an awesome job with raising me and they are teaching the kids, to this day, the same thing they taught me since I was in elementary school; they teach that God loves me unconditionally and His love will never fail. His love will never run out and He will always forgive me. He sent Jesus down to this world to die on the cross and rose again for everybody and that whoever believes in Him will be saved.

 I prayed that God would make things new and refreshing and help me to not get to use to things because it has been my job these past two years. Another thing that I prayed for was to be able to humble myself.  During the middle of the week, God responded to my prayer and He made me realize that these kids that are at this camp, will remember us because they live in the neighbourhood and we have built a relationship with each other. I realized that this mission was not only for a week, but missions and sharing the Gospel is going to continue until the day I die. Wherever I go – whether it’s school, work, family, friends, I will always be in ministry through serving the Lord every day.