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Chris Roh

Because this was my first time in India, I was very nervous, but was excited to see what God had in store for our team. When we got to India, our team partnered up with India missions for the first week with Pastor Abi and with TIM center for the second week with Pastor Joy and Pastor Biju.

 In our first week with India missions, we went to Moti Hari and it was the hardest VBS I have ever done. It was so hot and I have never sweated that long and that much in my life. However, in the toughest moments, God was revealing himself to me. He showed just how hungry these kids were for God’s words and how He was using our team to satisfy their hunger as we taught them the seven “I am” statements in the gospel of John.

There were two people with whom God especially blessed our team. A senior widow named Ruby and our driver, JP. God taught us what selfless and unconditional serving looks like through Ruby and JP. Ruby cooked all our meals so that we would not get sick and JP drove us around, literally, everywhere; but not just us, he drove to villages several hours away to pick up the kids for VBS and after VBS was over, he drove them all back. He easily drove 9 hours straight to help us do VBS in Moti Hari. Throughout all this, I didn’t hear one complaint from him. Through Ruby’s serving, she showed us how she lives and dies for the Lord. At the end of the week, she told us that she would be praying for us and asked for prayer as well; she said the power of prayer is that it can reach any part of this world instantly through the Holy Spirit. Distance cannot stop us from being brothers and sisters in Christ who pray for each other. I have experienced people who serve with no strings attached because everything we need has already been given from God.

 The second week, we did ministry at the TIM center. We worked with partial and full orphans and built relationships with them. We spent some days doing VBS, but there were some days when we just hung out with them which was the best part. As we were with the kids, we started to figure out the things that they were interested in, like learning guitar, face swapping with Will, or giving me massages. We also played games that we prepared for VBS over and over again and I felt like I suddenly had 30 younger brothers and sisters that I loved spending time with. Please join me in praying for these children who will become the next generation of believers, who will continue to spread God’s word.

 God has opened my eyes to see what He has been doing in India. It might seem too short of a trip to build strong relationships, but I have learned over this trip that God can use even 10 days each year to impact the kids, missionaries, and local pastors there. God has used Pastor Woohyun and his seminary education to teach and equip 35 local pastors in Patna to lead their own VBS. God has used 5 different teams over the past 5 years to show the people of India who He is through our lives. God has taught our team that we can’t do anything without Him and we must obediently follow Him wherever we are.